Join us in rolling out the red carpet for our Chairman, Staffan Hillberg

🎓✨ Big news sprouting at Millow! Join us in rolling out the red carpet for our Chairman, Staffan Hillberg, as he snags an honorary doctorate in Resource Recovery from the University of Borås! It’s not just any accolade; it’s a testament to Staffan’s visionary leadership at the helm of Millow, steering us through the waves of innovation with the finesse of a seasoned captain. Don’t miss his inspiring speech available on our website!

🌟 Also, hats off to the brilliant Dr. Coralie Hellwig and Dr. Neda Rousta for their sparkling moment under the academic spotlight. Their doctoral conferment ceremony at the University of Borås wasn’t just an event; it was a landmark celebration of academic excellence!

👏 Witnessing this prestigious event was Sweden’s former Prime Minister, Ingvar Carlsson, who also received an honorary doctorate alongside Staffan. Ingvar Carlsson has truly contributed to the promotion of democratic values, a cornerstone in the realms of research and sustainability. His achievements highlight the interconnectedness of governance, education, and sustainable practices.

🌱 A heartfelt thank you to the University of Borås for fostering an innovative learning environment. Your focus on resource recovery significantly enhances community sustainability, environmental preservation, and quality of life. Your efforts set a remarkable example for academic impact on our world.

Let’s celebrate these incredible achievements together!

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