Millow’s unique Mycelium-based food production is an amazingly healthy non-meat alternative. It also integrates perfectly with plant based substrates. The natural commonality between plants and fungi unlocks top-level nutritional profiles. Millow is readily absorbed and processed by the human body because it leverages nature-based processes for food production. The combination of Mycelium plus plants also delivers superior texture and mouth-feel. Millow is tasty, healthy, and enjoyable to eat!


Around the world people are moving away from meat consumption, knowing just how many resources are required to produce it. That’s great! But here’s the thing: Not all meat substitutes are actually better for the planet. Most alternatives are ultra-processed, which means they’ve gone through many different manufacturing stages right across the globe. And at every stage a lot of energy and water are consumed! Millow is entirely different: it’s designed to use tiny amounts of water and energy. It produces 97% fewer emissions compared to beef and 80% fewer compared to soy! It’s also based on fantastic Swedish grains so it doesn’t threaten rainforest ecosystems.


Not only is Millow great for the planet – your body is going to LOVE it too. With 9 essential amino acids, loads of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, you get nutritional goodness, amplified!


Millow is free from artificial additives and it’s minimally processed. Millow is a sensational wholefood meat substitute!


Carefully designed to leave you with a happy stomach! Made to be accessible and easily absorbable by your body!

ZERO “OFF” Taste

Yep. Millow means no funky associated tastes (or aftertastes) like you get with soy or peas. Millow is taste-neutral, meaning surrounding flavours “steal the show,” while providing you and your family with jam-packed nutritional goodness (and easier, no-drama mealtimes!).

Millow can be:


Millow uses a revolutionary in-house developed technology called MUTE (Mycelium Utilized Texture Engineering) . This advanced bioengineering method enables a dynamic texture for your meat substitutes. The patent-filed technology is a shape-shifter, as it does the job without using a single drop of food binders!

And unlike most other products, it doesn’t melt when used as an ingredient in stews! It holds the same nice chew.


Millow is the result of 25 years’ research on mycelium micro-organisms. This research has been driven and overseen by Professor Mohammad Taherzadeh, one of the world’s most respected scientists and authorities on mycelium. His relentless focus has been to discover methods to incorporate mycelium’s unique capabilities to benefit humanity and meet global environmental challenges. The Swedish science team behind Millow defined health and nutrition, sustainability and functional food values from early on. Thanks to all their discoveries and understanding over mycelium, a brand new category of meat substitutes has arrived and will dominate all existing meat-substitutes on every level!


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Millow can be made anywhere! Production requires very little space, very little water and very little energy. Sweden has absolutely no shortage of land and we’re truly lucky to have some of the finest grains and vegetables in this part of the world. But our ambitions are high. Millow will be available for everyone, everywhere on this planet. For the sole reason that it’s such a healthy, wholesome, and tasty meat substitute!

Strategic partnership


Rob Janoff is a branding icon and designer of the Apple logo

Rob Janoff is well known for designing the logo and launch branding for AppleTM. In a career spanning 40+ years, he has worked on accounts as diverse as Sara Lee, Intel, Frangelico, John Deere, IBM, and more.

Rob Janoff is passionate about the planet. Reducing the impact of food production is a globally recognized imperative. Rob is proud to work with Millow and help share the story of such an amazing product with the world.



Yes, Millow is 100% vegan!

You’re all good: Millow is gluten-free!

Yes, Millow contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Millow contains all 9 essential amino acids, lots of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. It not only meets your dietary requirements, but also contains health promoting features. Millow is one of the best functional foods available!

Millow is free from artificial additives and it’s minimally processed. Millow is a “wholefood” meat substitute!

No, Millow contains no cholesterols.


Yes! Millow is 100% natural and super healthy!

We don’t like synthetics, additives, or food binders. So, a big NO!

Not at all! Millow is a completely different meat substitute. Even though both share mycelium as an ingredient, Millow is not pure mycelium, but it’s combined with plants. It’s a new category. Millow is not manufactured like Quorn, so that’s different, too.

Meat and alcohol are not used in Millow

No, Millow is made very differently. It also tastes different and has a very different texture.

No, Millow is not an ultra-processed meat substitute.


No, Millow is free of all nuts.

If you’re allergic to specific plants or mycelium, it might. But nothing extraordinary other than that.

Yes it is! Millow is packed with goodness and it’s designed to be accessible and easily absorbable for your body!


For now, Millow is only available in Sweden. But we’re growing fast by demand!

We’re very proud of our Life Cycle Assessment, Millow is probably the most sustainable meat substitute in the world.

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