Rob Janoff, the design wizard!

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Can you spot the mysterious connection between the titan Apple and the sprouting Millow? Spoiler alert: It’s Rob Janoff, the design wizard!

In the rollercoaster ride of the food industry, carving out a brand is like trying to catch a lightning bug on a summer night: it needs to shine, flicker, and dance across different cultures, age groups, and value systems. Now imagine this challenge for Millow, tasked with packaging an innovation – a fusion of Mycelium and plant-based meat substitutes – into a brand that’s as easily digestible as a piece of cake. A head-scratcher, indeed!

We knew we needed a design shaman, someone who’s been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. Enter stage right: Rob Janoff, the creative genius behind many iconic global brands, most famous for serving up the tasty Apple logo for Steve Jobs. This gig wasn’t a stroll through an orchard, though. It was a beast of a project, requiring two years of relentless chipping away and some serious science-y stuff.

Honestly, we were as clueless as a kid in a quantum physics class. We didn’t know how he’d crack it, or even what we’d name our cutting-edge meat substitute! But Rob and his dream team, over a long two-year gig, tossed in a cocktail of science, culture, human behavior, technology, and more to whip up something we immediately wanted to marry!

Mycelium+Plant = Millow! Don’t just glance at Millow, give it a good, hard stare! The brand’s loaded with more easter eggs than a spring bunny’s basket. Every twist and turn in the logo has hidden elements that Janoff slyly slipped in. It’s like an easter egg hunt, dig deeper and voila! More treats!

But Rob Janoff isn’t just a master of the design arts. He’s as rooted to nature as a tree, a real-life superhero for animal welfare, and a wellness warrior. His heart and values are woven into Millow, in the name and in the vibe. So, Millow isn’t just a brand, it’s Rob’s brainchild with a sprinkle of his spirit!

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